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As a feminist, she cares about the empowerment and protection of women. But if people are only speaking of Israel as an occupier and they don’t talk about “domestic violence, the lack of pro-choice, and honor killings” in the Palestinian community– “if they’re just talking about Israel’s fault”–  then she finds their intentions “a little fishy.” She said rates of domestic violence approach 40 percent in Palestinian households in the occupation. As someone who tried to do this myself when I first got into this movement, talk about Palestinian cultural practices I disapproved of (for instance, girls being covered at a young age and not being able to participate in athletic events), my advice to Shire is, If you really are progressive, drop it. Palestinians are living under occupation. You cannot support a society that has its boot on all these people’s necks, and then lecture them about domestic abuse. That’s extremely condescending and is today seen as racist or orientalist, for good reason. If you actually get to know Palestinians, you will find that the educated (a remarkably high percentage) of that society recognize these problems, and want to address them, and often do, but that freedom is actually a more pressing matter for them: basic rights, which they are denied under apartheid. Humbly I’d suggest that liberal American Jews respect what the Palestinian community is telling them before they start telling them how to be enlightened. That’s the best part of intersectionality: giving communities that were shut out a voice.

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